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Welcome to the Naturally Healthy Children's Expo!

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Join others to learn about:

• what your whole family can do to make a positive difference
  on our planet
- like creating a healthier home, participating in
  recycling programs, using alternatives to traditional energy, and more

staying healthy with holistic medicine, yoga, and other exercises

• toys, books, and activities that are wholesome and fun; and cool,
   chic clothing for children and parents made with organic, natural
   fibers and dyes

delicious, natural, appealing organic food prepared by celebrity
  chefs in the Healthy Kitchen - and in the Farmer's Market!

• a bee hive, a sheep and a lady spinning wool, chickens,
   chicks, and eggs - children learn where food and clothing comes from

interesting, engaging, ongoing demonstrations for kids of all ages

• complimentary/supplemental treatment for many childhood
   illnesses and syndromes

• and more!

Naturally Healthy Children's Expos are fun, informative events that help families find healthy,
natural alternatives that make a world of difference for children, families, and our planet. 

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